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The religion is called Verity, the organization representing it is Arms of Verity, and we are called Veritans. We gather weekly to worship and have fellowship.

In belief, we're polytheists who hold true that all Divine faces in history can be summarized in three Gods and three Goddesses. We embrace the importance of ritual, the healing power of safe environments, and the joy of creativity. We believe in social equality and firmly support the findings of modern science. 


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Celebrating life and Divinity the way we do makes us happy. We've created a community where the broken and bruised feel that they can show up and smile again. We have random acts of art and talk excitedly about evolution in services.

The more we explore our love for our faith, the more our love extends outward, the more wonderful things we find in our life. 

Hosted by Arms of Verity - A Texas religious nonprofit


Our ritual aims to engage the senses. We use warm

honey bread we'd just baked, sweet ceremonial mead, singing bowls, frankincense resin incense, and colorful displays. We incorporate the zone of play as well as moments of emotional intimacy.​ We are expanding our musical library, a mix of songs original to Verity and new takes on old favorites.

We try to strike a balance in ritual between lively and formally reverent. We see worship as not a requirement, simply a way of thanking our Gods and celebrating our place in the world.​