You're polytheist and revere nature. Aren't you just pagans?

There are three Gods and three Goddesses. We know them as Builder, Healer, Nurturer, Trickster, Death, and Destroyer. The creator, the mender, mother nature, the laughing god, the end of lives, and the end of ideas.

Who are the deities?


No, but we see it as a compliment that you made the connection, so thank you! Many ​authors have connected to our Gods in their own ways. Trickster and Death appeal greatly to artists and storytellers, so They show up a lot in legends, comics, novels. But the Gods show up all over the place. That's why it's so easy for us to know Their presences in our lives.

Yes and no. We believe They're out there, but They're more than just beings with personalities. They are also the forces behind all motions in the universe. And as the universe is always in motion, They are in everything. They can also choose to be humanlike.

We are open to other interpretations of the Gods, including more abstract or non-faith interpretations. The focus is to take joy in knowledge of Their manifestations.

Where did this start?

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We don't claim that our beliefs can be proven with the scientific method. We do firmly support the findings of science.​​ The point of our faith is to be happy and satisfied and build great things in the world. We also embrace the discoveries which humankind's research has provided for us.

How can you say you support science while being religious? Science demands evidence for every claim.

Do you guys believe that these Gods are like, out​ there?

Your Gods remind me of some characters I've run into in fiction. Is that where the idea came from?

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Not really. It's kind of like with Hinduism. Hindus are polytheistic and revere nature. But they probably wouldn't want to be called Pagans. They'd want to be called Hindus. While we have similarities to paganism and mingle with the community, our views vary, our culture varies, and we're really all our own thing.

faith looking forward


Theologically, Verity is sourced from when humankind first started recognizing deities. It's basically a modern way of looking at everything people have noticed about Gods from the beginning.

Verity as a phenomenon really started about 10 years ago when the first Speaker noticed common threads in mythology throughout the ages. When he compared notes with others, they had noticed and felt the same things. Over time, a worship system was born, and it is ever-evolving.