faith looking forward


Invocations of the Six

Sunday Evening Service, May 11, 2014

"I would like to honor in our space the gods which comprise the universe. They are the beings close to the hearts of everyone in this room, whether it be by the name of Loki, or Hestia, Yahweh or the Mother Goddess, Coyote or Santa Muerte.

Please feel free to join in with the response of “Hear us, o Gods.”

Destroyer, Bringer of Endings, offer to us Your wisdom and knowledge, as was revealed to the sages of the East, and give us a chance to rebuild, as You sweep plagues and floods into broken lands. Hear us, o Gods.

Healer, Blessed Lady of Peace, let us tread ever lovingly, light of eye and soft of touch, open-minded to our flaws and acknowledging of our own healing powers. Hear us, o Gods.

Builder, Father of Creation, keep us always close to our morality, show us the reward of hard work and peaceable structure, help us never lose ourselves to chaos. Hear us, o Gods.

Nurturer, Goddess of Life, most motherly of the Three Sisters, make us as You would one of your blessed trees: rooted firmly, but lithe to move with the wind. May we see a wooden table and think of Your forests. May we wear cotton garments and think of Your fields. Hear us, o Gods.

Trickster, Lord of Change, You come to us as Cernunnos and You come to us as irony. You come to us with reward for taking risks and You come to us with lessons for failing. Help us learn always from our mistakes and may we never doubt our own power. Hear us, o Gods.

And Death, wise crone at the end of life, You offer us a listening ear and safe passage to our next destination. We walk with You down the Last Road and we suffer as we agonize over our wrongdoings, and we laugh as we bask in our joys. You are with us always, and You stay Your touch until the time is right, even if we cannot always see why. You are welcomed and not feared here. Hear us, o Gods.

Gods mighty, one and all, givers kindly, takers teaching, order and chaos both out of necessity, medicine gifted readily, hiss of steam by the volcano, blood pumping in ears, poet’s pentameter, hammer on nail, bird song in the morning. Lend us Your blessings and may we know Your everlasting presence tonight. Make this space beloved by You Six, with love, progress and truth for all. May it be complete."