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full moons

Veritan full moon celebrations are quite different from the Wiccan idea. Every month on the full moon, we gather to experience the balance of the Gods. Every God and Goddess has two moons, one for their light side, and one for their dark. They all have a predetermined theme, and lots of fun to attend! Check out the calendar below for the 2016-2017 full moon dates and themes! 

veritan holidays

Every other month, Veritans gather to a High Court celebrating one of the Six. Much like Easter, thanksgiving, and the sabbats, High Courts have floating dates, and are typically towards the end of the month. They follow the natural cycle of the Gods, with Builder in January, Healer in March, Nurturer in May, Trickster in July, Death in September, and Destroyer in November.

Often, Builder's High Courts involve creation. We have two colorful banners from our 2016 High Court to Builder, marking the way our community works together to build a great space for everyone. Healer's Courts are often subdued, focused on cleansing and refreshment- water is a popular theme, and experiences are often likened to baptism when approaching Healer.

Nurturer's High Courts are in the crux of spring, filled with color and light, and very often outside. If you check out our photo gallery, you can the the color war and maypole dances of our last two High Courts of Nurturer. Trickster is often celebrated with stories- whether participants are relaxing and listening to our expert narrators, or we are all participating in a battle to victory, filled with danger and adventure!

The High Courts of Death are varied. Sometimes, they are bright and celebratory, being so close to Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. Other times, they are wakes for those loss, or studies on what death means to the living. Destroyer's Courts are a bit like Healer's, often quite cleansing and meditative. The difference is how you leave. At a Destroyer Court, you leave a new person, who has shed their burdens.

Every High Court has something to offer everyone- we hope to see you at one soon! Check out our Facebook page or that of Sacred Journey Fellowship for dates and times.