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Veritan Principles

As told by a Speaker for Nurturer

When thinking of Verity, think first of the Six. The Six are all that is. Builder, Healer, Nurturer, Trickster, Death, Destroyer' these are the Gods, the very forces of the universe. They are the core of Verity, for all of Verity revolves around worship of the Gods.

It is belief in the Six that binds all Veritans together, no matter how different we are from one another. We worship the Six because we respect all that They are.

Verity is a search for truth. We believe the Six as we know them now are the truest forms of the Divine we can find thus far. As humanity's knowledge grows, so will our understanding of the Divine. We seek truth in all aspects of life, from science and medicine, to self awareness and basic rights.

Veritans respect all life. Life is sacred; life is a blessing. That’s why we honor human rights, animal rights, environmental sustainability, reasonable use of natural remedies, and especially the embracing of modern medicine (like vaccines and psychiatry).

Veritans believe that after life, Death meets us to walk with us down our Road. It is there we revisit all our choices, both good and bad. We learn to both accept and forgive the bad choices and mistakes in our lives. When true peace with ourselves is reached, we go to live in the realms of the Gods, until we are ready to visit life again.

For this reason, just as we respect life, we respect Death. That is why we do not advise attempting to contact the dead and any other practices that may distract the deceased as they walk their Road. Their time here has passed, and they have much to do as they walk. We agree to respect that, and leave them be.

We accept all seekers, regardless of background, so long as they show the same respect to their fellow seekers. Heritage, income, gender identity, sexual orientation, whatever happened in your past, none of that changes where you stand with Verity.

Veritans believe in a healthy balance of mysticism and realism.
We understand the needs for mystery and magic while supporting the advances and discoveries of the modern world.

These ideas are ever growing and changing, as is Verity and our understanding of Divinity. We believe in every person's ability to seize their own destiny, and together we look forward to building great things with Verity.