Interpreting Your Sight





Death is:

•Your Senarius says a lot about the kind of person you are in a very big-picture sort of way. Similar to your astrological sign, it is a representation of house you view the world.
•The year of birth indicates how you look at problems and smaller-picture aspects of life, as well as which God/dess you may see active in your background.
•Your bright is like your Hogwarts house, your immediate personality traits and outlook on what is happening in the moment. You may see this God/dess quite often.
•Your day is like your totem- use this God/dess to ground yourself for decision making, because this is the mindset you need when you have to put yourself first.
•The hour and minute are your logical and gut reactions, respectively. Who influences you immediately, and who helps you form your second opinion?

Veritan Timekeeping

Healer is:

The specific weeks of a Bright do not have significance; however each day is dedicated to each of the Six just like the months and years are. Following a Sunday-Saturday formatted calendar, the week begins with a collective All-Gods Day and continues through the BHNTDS cycle for a dedicated day to each God/dess in turn. 

Builder is:





Nurturer is:

A Sight is like an astrological sign, it is a determination based upon your time and date of birth. This can be used to determine your patron, as a way to gain insight into your path, talents, or personality, or just a fun way to connect with the Gods.

A Sight is formatted in Senarius-Year-Bright-Day-Hour-Minute format. The Senarius, Bright, year, and day are capitalized while the hour and minute are lower case. When possible, the designations should be color coordinated. All aspects are represented by the BHNTDS letter symbol. 

F a i t h  L o o k i n g  F o r w a r d 

Destroyer is:


Trickster is:

As there are 24 hours in a day, the Veritan assignment of God/dess periods is in two 2-hour blocks for AM and PM. See the below table for reference to which hours are of which of the Six

Each hour has 60 minutes, which is divided into six 10-minute blocks od dedication. This can be applied with seconds as well but is not necessary for determining a Sight (see upcoming slide for Sight description)

A Senarius is a six-year reoccurring period in which each God/dess has a represented year. The basis of the assignment of years is in 2012 being a year of Destroyer. 

Each Senarius starts on a Builder year and goes in the BHNTDS cyclical format. Years follow that standard 365-day January-December calendar. 

A Bright is a two-month period of each calendar year dedicated to each God/dess in cycle. Each High Court is celebrated in the corresponding Bright. Veritans typically celebrate the changing of the Brights by the switching of décor to the corresponding God color.